By teaming up with MKTGFC, you’ll get great content that delivers results. Monthly packages are also available to manage your overall marketing strategy.

Management may include backend edits to increase your SEO, creation of new lists and audiences, so your marketing spend is streamlined and sophisticated. You may also outsource projects including photography, social media, influencer and marketing campaigns. In short, save on your staff costs and time by leveraging our expertise and talent. Let’s team up. Contact us.

Data-driven campaigns targeted by geography, interests and actions can maximize your CPM, CTR and overall Conversions.

Case Study: 300+ Targeted Campaigns ran for the BMO Vancouver Marathon to generate record-breaking registration. Also created Digital Strategy leading to sell-out real estate projects for developer Pinnacle International.

Digital campaigns may include highly targeted ads via Emails, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Search and Social. Let’s come up with the best solutions for your brand to drive results.

Content creation is just part of the package.

A strong captain can help lead your team to championship wins. Hire us as your new agency of record to improve your brand’s performance.